New Mover Mailing List

Moving to a new community can be overwhelming, and deciding on a new church home is often a time-consuming experience. With the New Mover subscription program, your church can easily send a personalized postcard invitation to welcome those who have just moved into your community. Inviting them to your church is a great way for them to start connecting with new friends and getting involved in your church family. The program is flexible.  You can order a subscription, or one-time order options are also available.
Pair a list with an affordable postcard.

New Mover Subscriptions are affordable and easy to order!

The New Mover subscription program is quick and easy!

All you have to do is select your list area and personalize a postcard invitation. We do the rest! We pull a new list every month based on your search criteria and print and mail the personalized invitation. We even send you a follow-up report so you know who the invitations were mailed to. You don’t have to have us mail a postcard for you. You can order a “list-only” subscription, and you can reach out to the new movers on your own. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Subscription Features

  • Affordable—No set-up fees.
  • Automatic Monthly Mailings—We do the work for you!
  • Follow-Up Reports—You'll know who we sent invitations to.




New Mover One–Time Order

We offer a convenient one-time order option for those who do not want a monthly subscription. Choose the mailing list-only option or simply order a list with a personalized postcard invitation that we mail for you. A follow-up report is also sent to you so you know who the postcards were mailed to.

Order a One-Time New Mover List


New Mover Program FAQ’s
Q. How does the Lifeway Prospect Services New Mover Subscription Program work? 
A. Every month, Lifeway Prospect Services will obtain a list of new movers in your area based on your list criteria. We will then print and mail the postcard invitation you personalized online. Once we mail the invitations, we will email you a follow-up report so you know who we mailed them to.

You can also just have a list subscription.  Each month, a list of the new movers in the area you have selected will be emailed to you.

Q. How much does it cost? 
A. The list cost is $.30 per record, with a minimum charge of $12.50. If you choose to have postcards mailed to your new mover list each month, the additional cost will be $.24 - $.43 (plus postage) per postcard.  The costs of the card and the postage depends on the size of the postcard you select and whether you choose to mail first class or standard class.

Q. Can I limit the number of postcards mailed each month? 
A. Yes, you can set a limit. To be effective and see results, we recommend you do not send less than 50 postcards a month.

Q. Are there minimum quantities required? 
A. No, you can select any quantity you would like to be mailed each month.

Q. Where do the lists come from? Are they accurate? 
A. Lifeway acquires lists from a specialist in new mover data. They pull information from property titles and deeds, one of the leading credit bureaus and some utility companies. The names are compiled and filtered to ensure the list is as accurate as possible.

Q. When are the postcard invitations mailed? 
A.  Subscription postcard invitations are mailed the 15th of every month.  If you purchase a list-only subscription, your emailed list should arrive around the 15th of the month as well.

Q. Once postcard invitations are sent, how many new people should I expect? 
A. The response rates will vary depending on how many invitations are being sent and what other marketing your church is doing in the community.

Q. Can I change my church postcard design at any time? 
A.  No, currently this is not an online option. Give us a call and we can assist you.

Q. How will I know who has received the postcard invitations? 
A. Every month you will receive a follow up report showing the number of cards and the information on each new neighbor who received the postcard so you can follow up later. The follow up report will be sent via email in three different file formats, excel, html, csv.

Q. What if my church wants to cancel the service? 
A. You may cancel the service at any time—there are no contracts or obligations.


Our New Mover list is compiled from public records including warranty and security deeds. Our nationwide list gives the most recent and accurate homeowner information available today.  With more than 330,000 new records added nationwide each month, our 12-month file is 3.4 million records strong.